As part of our sustainable approach to the design of building systems, RN&M often utilizes solar heating technology. 

Solar collectors offer an opportunity to provide hot water for kitchens, large shower facilities (such as locker rooms), and industrial applications.  Also, solar collectors can be utilized to provide hot water for space heating via in-slab heating tubes, or other methods.

Photovoltaic Schematic Projects:

  • Balsam Mountain Preserve: Several sustainable cabins (Domestic hot water and space heating water)
  • Sylva Fire Station – (Domestic hot water and space heating water)
  • Chapel Hill Town Operations Center – (domestic and process hot water heating)
  • Chatham Middle School – (Domestic hot water)
  • Smith Middle School (Chapel Hill) – (Domestic hot water)
  • Chapel Hill Rashkis Elementary – (Domestic hot water)
  • Chapel Hill Morris Grove Elementary – (Domestic hot water)
  • Orange County Middle School #3 – (Domestic hot water)

RN&M also utilizes photovoltaic systems.  Photovoltaic panels capture the energy of the sun, which is converted to electric power.  The power generated can be used to power loads directly (such as bus canopy lights, golf cart charging areas, etc.), or tied to the grid directly to reduce electrical energy consumption.


  • Chapel Hill Town Operations Center
  • Chatham Middle School
  • Smith Middle School (Chapel Hill)
  • Chapel Hill Rashkis Elementary
  • Chapel Hill Morris Grove Elementary
  • Orange County Middle School #3
  • Haywood Community College Admin. Services
  • Durham Tech Orange Campus
Photovoltaic Panels
Solar Thermal Panels

Images above: Solar Panels in place, Schematic sample

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