RN&M is a leader in the design and implementation of geothermal heat pump technology.

This technology has been very popular residentially for many years, however, we apply it on a large scale.  Central plant equipment can be eliminated by utilizing the earth, as a heat sink.  The system of vertical bores or “well field” can be located under sports fields or parking lots.  The well field is a closed loop; so it is environmentally friendly (no groundwater contamination).  Water is pumped from the building, out to the well field thru closed piping (where heat is either dissipated or absorbed); and the water then flows thru the water-cooled heat pump units in the building and back out to the well field.  The heat pump units in the building provide heating and cooling – much like the heat pump in a typical home.

Geothermal drill rig

The advantages of ground source heat pump systems are:

  • Very efficient (35% or more less energy consumption than typical systems)
  • Quick payback (as low as 4 years in some cases)
  • Less equipment to maintain
  • Low sophistication level of equipment and controls (user friendly)
  • Long equipment life (water-cooled compressors are durable)
  • No outdoor equipment (no noise, no “ugly” equipment, no outdoor maintenance)
  • Very low net carbon footprint and emissions.


  • Watauga High School – (256 wells)
  • Bethel Elementary School – (128 wells)
  • Chapel Hill Town Operations Center – (120 wells)
  • Chatham Middle School – (170 wells)
  • Orange Justice Center – (68 wells)
  • Chatham Justice Center – (106 wells)
  • Macon Co. 5/6 Elementary – (96 wells)
  • Macon Co. K/4 Elementary – (96 wells)
  • Balsam Mountain Preserve: Several sustainable cabins (1 – 2 wells each)
  • Southwestern Community College – (48 wells)

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