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RN&M is a leader in the design, evaluation, and implementation of energy efficient, “green” strategies in the building industry. 

Energy Analysis Every decision made in the design or upkeep of a building has an impact on the energy usage and efficiency.  We utilize various full-building modeling / simulation software, such as Equest and Carrier Hourly Analysis, to model energy usage for buildings and compare various building element, as well as, systems options.  In addition, we can study comprehensive costs (including: maintenance, energy, replacement costs) over the “life cycle” of the building.  These tools allow us to meet the specific owner or project goals for energy efficiency, while remaining within a finite project budget.  We can help you make the right choices for your situation.

If you are interested in energy usage and cost reduction, we can tailor our analysis to your specific needs.  We have experience with energy analysis in commercial and private buildings, State owned facilities, Healthcare facilities, Public funded facilities, as well as, Federally funded facilities.  We are intimately familiar with associated guidelines, regulations, standards, and protocols that influence the path toward energy efficiency.

We offer the following services to meet your energy efficiency goals:

* We provide customized energy inspection, auditing, studies, and reporting for existing facilities.  Our reports give the owner a good idea if they are on-track with energy usage, versus other, similar facility types.  Our reports typically include a lot of “low hanging fruit”, where the owner has little to no investment to tune-up their buildings, and / or the operation of their buildings to save money.
We have 50 years of experience – we know where to look.  Our reports, also, typically include recommendations for building element or system replacements, or change-outs, where the owner would need to invest some capital.  We can help prioritize the various choices available.

* We provide customized energy modeling and reporting for new facilities.  This is an invaluable service, since we get involved early-on (in the decision making phase) to help the team make the most efficient choices for energy savings.  Typically, we would customize our study to evaluate various window types (tinting, orientations, coatings, etc.); wall and roof construction types; mechanical system types; lighting system types; water heating strategies; day-lighting strategies; just to name a few.

* We provide energy modeling and reporting for LEED facilities.   We have experience with utilizing LEED procedures and protocols to achieve the project goals.

* We provide energy modeling, reporting, and life cycle cost analysis for State and Federally owned facilities, per the requirements of applicable law and guidelines.

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